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Jackie and Andrea at Revolar HQ

Helping Loved Ones Stay Safe and Connected

Revolar was created so you can live the life you want knowing that help is at your fingertips. We believe in building technology that gives you the confidence to go have fun, meet new people, and enjoy amazing experiences while feeling safe and protected. Nothing should hold you back, and with your loved ones by your side, nothing will.

Jacqueline Ros and Andrea Perdomo founded Revolar in 2013 to help loved ones keep each other safe. 

CEO Jacqueline Ros developed the idea for Revolar wearables after her sister was assaulted as a teenager. Jacqueline found herself wishing her sister had been able to simply press a button to send for help, so that’s exactly what Jacqueline set out to build with co-founder Andrea Perdomo. Today, the Revolar team has grown greatly, but we’re still dedicated to one goal — helping loved ones look after one another.

The Beginning of Revolar

Discover why Jacqueline and Andrea founded Revolar and what the company means to them both on a personal level.